Nature and History in the Malatesta Territory

The fascinating inland is rich in wonderful views and unique places to discover. Those who love ancient history and legends must visit the impressive medieval castles and fortresses, remote dwellings of the Malatesta Family; take a stroll through the picturesque villages and small towns; discover the cultural and culinary traditions of the area (experience the frequent food and wine festivals and taste the specialties in the many restaurants and agritourisms); enjoy nature in an area full of paths and trails with breathtaking views, perfect for cyclists. Here are some places to visit:

  • Gradara (the famous story of Paolo and Francesca)
  • Montefiore
  • Saludecio 
  • Mondaino
  • Montegridolfo
  • Repubblica di San Marino
  • San Leo (the prison where the Count of Cagliostro was held captive)
  • Santarcangelo
  • Verucchio
  • Montebello (the legend of Azzurrina)
  • Sant’Agata Feltria
  • Mount San Bartolo National Park
  • The Conca River Valley
  • The Marecchia River Valley
  • The Onferno Caves (which inspired Dante to write the Inferno, in The Divine Comedy)

Other relevant destinations nearby:

  • Ravenna
  • Urbino 
  • Carpegna/ Sasso Simone and Simoncello National Park
  • Frasassi Caves
  • Loreto